NBN International is the global book and ebook distribution arm of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, one of the biggest independent publishers in North America. R&L also owns the leading independent  distributor in the US, National Book Network (NBN), and is affiliated with award-winning, independent interdisciplinary London-based publisher Rowman & Littlefield International.


Oliver Gadsby

Executive Chairman

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Oliver started his publishing career in Germany; he has since worked in Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the United States. He was CEO of the educational publisher Nelson Thornes, and went on to be Director of Strategy and Acquisitions for Informa plc, the parent group of Taylor & Francis. Oliver was CEO of Continuum from 2007, leading it to become IPG Independent Publisher of the Year in 2011, and then launched Rowman & Littlefield International, based in London. He enjoys the interplay of digital and physical processes in our industry, and is working with the team at NBN International to ensure that the company delivers a world-class service to its clients and customers. Oliver is a former Chair of the Independent Publishers’ Guild, and sits on the board of the Academic and Professional Division of the Publishers’ Association.

Ian Wordsworth

Head of Operations

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Ian is the longest serving of all of NBNi's management team, having joined a previous iteration of the company in 1989 from distinguished retailer House of Fraser. In 2002 he brought his vast IT experience to bear on the implementation of a new back office system for NBNi, and was subsequently asked to focus on the wider operational areas of the business. As part of this remit Ian ensures the day-to-day activities of the company are commercially effective, both for itself and for our client publishers. The finance team, which contains several highly experienced members of staff, also reports to him.

David Eagle

Digital Services and IT Manager

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David has led the Digital Services and IT department since 2010, ensuring NBNi keeps pace with the changing demands of the industry. In addition to overseeing the entire technological infrastructure of the company he's also responsible for the development of our growing global ebook sales and distribution service, NBNi Fusion - a vital part of the future of the business. In 2015 David was nominated for The Bookseller's 'Digital Achiever of the Year Award' in recognition of the work he's done to bridge the gap between print and digital publishing.

Juliette Teague

Client & Customer Services Manager

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Juliette has been with the company since 1994 and thoroughly understands the importance of the personal link between publishers and distribution. Her role involves the management, induction and implementation of new publishers into the business as well as the management of the customer services, orders and publisher services teams. Before working in distribution Juliette was a Department Manager at Waterstones, and as a result has acquired valuable industry experience in everything from retail to returns.

Neil Talliss

Warehouse Manager

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A veteran of book distribution since 1996, Neil has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in warehousing and logistics. With responsibility for everything in the warehouse from goods in to the operation of our substantial high bay locations, Neil's oversight is vital to the running of the organisation. His stated aim is to provide consistently excellent service to both our clients and customers, something he's been doing successfully as a manager since 2010.

Tony Woodley

Finance Manager

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Tony has been with the business for many years and is highly experienced in financial management. He is responsible for financial reporting to the US head office, preparation and monitoring of budget, publisher payments and commission income. He plays a central role in ensuring that NBNi protects the monetary interests of both its clients and customers, and manages the Credit Control team.


We're in Estover in Plymouth, a stone's throw away from the wonderful Plymbridge Woods, and not far from the wilds of Dartmoor. Plymouth is an old naval city, famous for being the setting-off point of the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620. After the city centre was almost entirely razed to the ground in World War Two, it was rebuilt along modernist lines with hints of Beaux-arts / art deco. Plymouth is gradually moving away from its economic reliance on the navy and creating positions in the service sector and knowledge economy.


Distribution isn’t just what we do – it’s deeply ingrained in who we are. We’ve been distributing in one form or another for four decades now, distilling this experience into every aspect of our business since publisher Macdonald & Evans first opened their book distribution warehouse in Plymouth back in 1976.

The publishing industry never stays static for very long, and that original company was bought by Harper & Row in 1985. Following a successful management buyout four years later Plymbridge Distributors was born. It quickly grew into one of the biggest independent book distributors in the UK.

The company was sold again in the 1990s, and continued to distribute for a wide range of global publishers. By the turn of the millennium Plymbridge had attracted the attention of US-based Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. In 2003 R&L bought the business and set about investing deeply in every area of the company. It’s at that point that we became NBN International.

We’ve gone from strength to strength ever since, harnessing the vast experience of both Rowman & Littlefield and their highly regarded North American distribution arm, NBN. We’ve firmly established ourselves as an integral part of the business, and we work daily with counterparts from every section of the wider business.

Today NBNi distributes to every corner of the world. Over forty years we’ve seen both the industry and our business change radically. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing fully flexible, cutting edge distribution on behalf of all of our publisher clients. For books both print and digital, it’s our history, our people and our forward-thinking attitude that makes us truly distinctive.


Switching the lights off at the end of every night is the very least of our efforts to help ensure we look after the planet properly. We're well aware of the impact distribution can have, and we know it's our responsibility to do everything in our power to protect both the environment and our staff.


All of our digital print partners are certified members of the Forest Stewardship Council, ensuring that practices for harvesting wood are sustainable and do not deplete the natural resources contained in our forests.


We re-use as much as possible at NBN International: many of our notepads are hastily assembled from correspondence that's no longer needed or wanted. But we're also recycling on an industrial level too, sorting everything that can be recycled from everything that can't on a daily basis. Books to be pulped, as well as cardboard and paper that can no longer be used, is sent to a paper recycling facility where it's made back into something useful.


We're proud of the fact that both of our main carriers, DPD and DHL, have public commitments to reduce their amounts of carbon emissions radically. You can also read more about how they're achieving this, and what they're doing right now to help protect the environment by clicking above.


NBN International is proud to support the UK's National Living Wage - a scheme designed to ensure that workers are paid well enough to be able to take part in many of the economic freedoms many of us take for granted. It's our goal to keep ahead of the government's recommendations so that our workers are paid fairly for the hard work they perform.