We recognise that personal and informed relationships are vital in today’s complex supply chain and our Client Services Team work closely with their client publishers.

This partnership ensures that we take a proactive role and intuitive approach, informing company policy and processes and providing a continuously developing service in line with clients’ growing business needs.

New Clients

New client publishers moving into NBN International are given a dedicated team-member to project manage the move, with an emphasis on information gathering and communication.

To enable a seamless transition the process is a multi-disciplinary one with input from all of NBNi’s teams.

our client services agents have combined book industry experience of more than 55 years


Our fully managed ebook distribution and sales service provides simple comprehensive access to the digital market.

We help over 100 publishers in the UK, Europe and the US sell digital content quickly and painlessly to a global network of libraries and retailers, and direct to end-customers.

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our NBNi Fusion service makes global ebook distribution fast and simple

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In this digital age selling less of more is what the "long tail" theory is all about. Our print-on-demand service at NBN International allows you to put this theory into practice. Thanks to our agreements with leading digital print suppliers we provide full ecommerce integration to help you maximise back list and key title sales.



Ensuring your key titles are always available is fundamental to maximising your sales potential. Working with leading digital print suppliers, we can help you achieve this through our automated stock replenishment process (ASR).

Although it's an "automated" process our publisher clients are firmly in control, setting and amending print quantities as necessary. We're excited about ASR: when our clients are doing well so are we, and we believe this service can help steer sales in the only direction that matters: up.

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we've been getting the most out of POD for over a decade now

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The marketing and sales service we provide gives access to our in-house professional staff and a carefully chosen network of sales agents.

These provide cost-effective access to all the major bookselling customers across Europe.

In-house our team can devise direct email campaigns, the editing and production of advanced information sheets, and localise the copy of catalogues and other materials where needs be.


bring your marketing and sales strategy into global focus

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We recognise that often publishers simply don't have time to manage an account as large as Amazon. 

To that end we have an Advantage distributor account with Amazon and can - by agreement with the publisher - manage the Advantage relationship on the publishers’ behalf.

We'll update price and availability information, upload any pertinent reviews or blurbs, ensure cover images are correct and load any "Search Inside" material publishers may have. We’ll also process all sales automatically, and provide a breakdown in our monthly reports suite.

If you're not already fully versed in Amazon Advantage take a look at the site by clicking here. Interested in handing the running of your account over to us? Contact your Client Account Agent. 

let us take care of your Amazon Advantage account: contact us today and free yourself from having to worry about its upkeep