independent book distribution, with a focus on service and flexibility


NBN International is an independent, publisher-focused distribution company with a winning philosophy of partnership, flexibility and affordability. It has always been a commitment of ours to meet the ever-evolving needs of our client publishers, and we achieve this through a combination of close understanding of the book industry supply chain and an up-to-date technological infrastructure - we use integrated EDI, POD and ecommerce systems to deliver the highest quality performance. We also provide a complete ebook distribution service, either as a standalone option or alongside print lists.

Our strength lies in our ability to tailor our services to the individual needs of publishers. We work in close collaboration with all of our clients, and no two publishers have exactly the same requirements. We're also on hand to provide expert publisher service and distribution advice: NBN International is proud to be professionally accredited under BIC's Supply Chain Excellence awards scheme.


We work predominantly with specialist and independent publishers across a broad spectrum of subjects and lists. We are particularly strong in STM, the humanities, social sciences and arts, as well as scholarly and university presses and institutional publishers. That said, we're happy to work any publisher that fits well with our progressive outlook and overall client and customer profile.

Our client publishers and customers are based in every corner of the globe - an international profile that stretches across all continents. It is this geographical breadth that allows us to provide a uniquely broad service offering.


Alongside our US sister-company, NBN, we're able to provide publishers with complete stock and order fulfilment throughout North America. Stock can be sent directly to our warehouse in Blue Ridge Summit, PA, and we provide full reporting via a suite of online tools. In combination with NBN International's UK, European and ROW reach we can cover every market in line with the needs of our clients, as well as providing recommendations for sales representation for each.


For US academic publishers we can provide cost-effective access to all key accounts, as well as in-house marketing services to increase demand and grow sales. Our dynamic marketing teams are well briefed on such sensitivities as pricing and branding, and work closely with clients to ensure they're getting exactly what they want. All of this is in addition to full distribution and customer service support.


If you think you'd benefit from our highly flexible, tailored service we'd be very glad for you to get in touch. Whether you're a start-up dipping its toes into distribution for the first time or a firmly established publisher looking for new distribution options, we'd love the opportunity to have an initial chat. Contact Oliver Gadsby to make an appointment.